Air Force by TxLabz – A Tribute!

Hey there folks! We are here today with another good looking game by TxLabz – called Air Force. The name has got my attention so I am gonna play and see what the game is like. Let’s hope it is as good as I am hoping it will be!

Introduction – The Heard of Air Force:

As I mentioned earlier, the name seems quite interesting and I was right! Air Force involves controlling a jet air plans by tilting your device. You have to collect point balloons to gain points and have to stay away from the towers. If you hit the towers, your game is over! I am in love with smooth performance and awesome music! Without wasting anymore time, I am going to show you what the game is like!

Air Force - TxLabz

The Features – Heart Beat:

Air Force loads to the screen shown above! Seems pretty cool, right? Let’s play and see what the game is like without waiting any longer (yep, I can’t wait!).

Air Force - TxLabz Air Force - TxLabz


The interface and music is pretty awesome! The game goes pretty smooth as well. There is a boost button in the right bottom side that increases the speed of the jet!

The game is actually a tribute to Pakistan Air Force for playing a vital role in winning the 1965 India – Pakistan war. So, when the game is over you will be shown some information regarding Pakistan Air Force.

Air Force - TxLabz

Once the game is over, Air Force will ask for your name to save in high score section!(YAY!)

Highscore - TxLabz

Download – The Heart

How can you download it? Good question!

If you are an Android user, you can get the game HERE.

Air Force isn’t available on App Store yet!

So, get tilting people! Have fun!