Alpha Twist by TxLabz – Memory Improvement in a Fun Way

Alpha Twist, the name sounds quite compelling. Let’s dig deep into it and find out what Alpha Twist is all about!

Introduction – The Heard of Alpha Twist

Like i said, the name sounds very compelling and i was right! Alpha Twist is a memory improvement game specially designed for kids so that they can learn, play and at the same time, improve their memories. I think the game is pretty cool. It focuses on tile matching and the alphabets look pretty cool. All you have to do it start tapping on each tile, memorize its location and match it with the same tile when you come across it.

The sounds and graphics are amazing and very engaging. Your kids are going to love it. No, it’s not just for kids. People of any age can play and enjoy Alpha Twist.

What i liked the most about Alpha Twist is the simplicity. The game focuses on what it said, memory improvement in a fun way. No hidden menus, nothing too complicated.

The Features – Heart Beat

Let’s see what Alpha Twist is all about!

As you launch Alpha Twist, you will come across the following screen informing you about improvements etc. Just hit “okay” to get to the next screen.

Alpha Twist - main

After hitting okay, you will be taken to the main screen of the game:

Alpha Twist - play

Let’s begin. Click on Play to start enjoying Alpha Twist. You will be taken to a screen with tiles.

Remember: Tap on tiles and remember their positions!


Alpha Twist - tiles match

Keep matching and try to finish in as little moves as possible. You will be shown your score after you have successfully matched all the tiles.


Lastly, let’s check the settings. Like i said, there is nothing too complicated in Alpha Twist. This game is best for people who like simplicity in their games or don’t want too much complication.


Download – The Heart

Android users can download the game HERE.

Alpha Twist isn’t available on any other platform yet.

Happy Twisting people!