Ant Killer By TxLabz – squash those Ants!

Hi again game lovers! How about another exciting game review?

Today I will be reviewing a smartphone game Ant Killer developed by TxLabz. The name is quite self-explanatory. We have to kill ants! But for how are we going to do that and what more does the game offers, let’s dig in some more and find out what the game is all about!

Introduction – The Heard Ant Killer

As mentioned earlier, Ant Killer is a device tilting game where you have to kill different insects. Yes, the name involves Ants but the game offers different insects as the game progresses. Sounds interesting! You have to avoid the holes. You will have a ball that you will be operating by tilting your device in the required direction. All you have to do is squash the insects using that ball!


The Features – Heart Beat:

On loading Ant Killer, you will see a screen as shown above. So without wasting anymore time, let’s tap Play and find out what Ant killer is like!

Screenshot_2015-09-14-15-04-17 Screenshot_2015-09-14-15-04-47

Ant Killer - TxLabz Ant Killer - TxLabz

The game is very interesting. I had fun squashing the ants. Level bar is on top left side, that indicates when your level is going to go up, incase you were wondering how level goes up.

There is a High Score board that keeps the progress of your score each time you play Ant Killer. It looks like this:

Ant Killer - TxLabz

I only scored 8 (Stop laughing at me!). Ant killer is quite challenging, mind you! You will have fun playing it, I am sure!

Download – The Heart

How can you download it? Good question!

If you are an Android user, you can get the game HERE.

Ant Killer isn’t available on Apple store yet!

So, get squashing people! Have fun!