Ashland University in Ohio Giving Scholarships to Fortnite Top Players

Yes, you read it right. Before we get into more details, have a look what Gaming Heart had to say about Fortnite game few days back:

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As per the details checked by Gaming Heart team from Techcrunch, the Ashland University is offering scholarship of up to $4000 to the top players of Fortnite game, recently trending on app store too, to participate in the esports program. It states:

“Fortnite appeals to both the core and casual gaming audience,” the school’s esports head coach Josh Buchanan said in a release. “We’re excited to provide this platform for gamers who want to showcase their skills in a more competitive space. Fortnite facilitates an environment that allows players to get creative, innovate and show off their mastery of their skills.”

So? What are you waiting for?! Go ahead and apply to the program yourself here.

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