Break The Prison – Can You Make It Out?

I know, prison breaking sounds so much fun. But we can’t really afford going to prison in real, can we. So here i have brought to you a very cool, game with a very simple concept – Break The Prison. 

Introduction – The Heard of Break The Prison

The game seems good. Sound is good, graphics are cool. Like i said, concept is pretty simple. Just make sure you don’t get busted by the police, or you will lose a life. Sounds easy, right? Nope, it’s not at all easy. Game play is a bit difficult but fun. SO without any further delay, let’s see what the game is all about.

The Features – Heart Beat

When you launch the Break The Prison, you will be taken to the following screen:

Break The Prison

Once the loading is finished, you will be taken to the main screen of the game:

Break The Prison

On the left hand side, tapping on Daily will give you daily login bonuses and Sale will show you the packs you can buy for real money. Whereas on the top right side, you can see the Settings.

Break The Prison Break The Prison

Now let’s hit PLAY and check out the game play. Oh and they do provide with the tutorial in the beginning. So if you are not sure hot to play Break the Prison, don’t worry!

Hitting PLAY will take you the Prison selection level. There are about 10 levels in the game but you need to earn a selected number of stars in current level to unlock the next one.

Break The Prison

Break The Prison

Tapping on the First level, this is where the game took me: The guy is in prison thinking of how he wanted to surprise his wife. So he decides to Break the Prison and go home.



This is where you have to select the levels. All levels are blocked until you complete the current level.




Break the Prison

Break the Prison

Keeping the screen tapped, you can see the bar highlighted, it’s increasing. Once it has reached the end, you level is complete.

Break the Prison

jail break

This is the second level. You have to hook up the keys and pull them up without the cops noticing you. If they notice, you lose a life!   jail break

jail break

And the other levels are different as well. I think the game is quite cool and challenging. What do you think?

Download – The Heart

Android users can download the game HERE.

Happy escaping!