Color Ballz – Can You Catch Them All?

Hey folks, today I am bringing you an entirely new “classic” game. I say classic because it is playful take on classic arkanoid mechanics with a very interesting twist to it. Sounds interesting? Want to know more? Keep on reading!

color Ballz

Color Ballz by Ketchapp – Let’s play!:

Color ballz is all about.. wait for it… yes! the ballz! You get loads of balls to play with in this unique, fun and very addictive game. The graphics are awesome and the sound is great. Specially, when the ball hits the bat (call me weird, but idc 😛 ).

Sounds very easy, right? WRONG! the game gets very challenging as it progresses. The bat suddenly shrinks right before hitting the ball and so on. There are no levels. As long as your have the balls, the game continues.

But don’t worry, I am sure you got it all under control! 😛

Let’s have a through look at the features of Color Ballz by Ketchapp!

Color Ballz – The features and How to Play:

It’s a rather simple game when it comes to the features. All you have to do is make sure your balls land in the basket. The controls are pretty easy, drag your finger on your screen horizontally to more your bat.


In three simple steps:

  • Get the balls to the basket.
  • Land on the right side of the bat to bounce more.
  • Colored balls give more score than the white ones.

Make sure when the balls leave the tube, they land on the bat and reach that basket. The trick here is to move the bat so that the balls hits the bat at the right spot and makes the correct angle to land in the basket successfully.

Gameplay-color-ballz Gameplay-color-ballz gameplay-color-ballz3









The game doesn’t stop till you have dropped every single ball. As long as the balls keep going into the said basket, they will keep coming back. There is a little secret though, it gets more and more challenging to save the balls as the game progresses; you have been warned!

Other than that, you can share the high scores with your friends on your favorite social media. There are 3 power-ups in the game so far. Color up, Extra, Expand.

My score (I lost on purpose to show you guys, for reals! ):



Color up: Colors the ball so that you get more points.

Extra: gives you an extra ball.

Expand: expands the size of the ball.

Where can I download?

Good question!

iOS users, download the game HERE.

Android users, download the game HERE.

Happy balling! 😛