Draw by TxLabz – Draw your Heart Out!

Hi guys! Today i will be reviewing Draw by TxLabz. As the name suggests, it’s like a drawing pad where you can draw all your interesting stuff and let your inner artist come out! Can’t wait to see what this App is like? I can’t either! So let’s go ahead and see all about the game.

Introduction – The Heard of Draw

Draw is a drawing pad suitable for all age groups because of its easy to use interface. I quite enjoyed exploring it. There is nothing too complicated in Draw which makes it the first choice of people who want simple and easy to use interface without any complications. Kids will specially love it since it’s a great doodling app with very easy to use menu and options. Let’s see what it looks like!

The Features – Heart Beat

Like i said earlier, It’s an easy to use app so its interface is quite simple too. There is nothing complicated.

When you launch the App, you will be taken to the following screen:

Draw - txlabz

You can see a faded icon in the top left corner, tap on it and you will see color pallet and brushes etc.

Draw - txlabz

You can see some icons on the top. From left to right; Undo, clear the screen and save. The three dots will show you following options:


And this is what i drew just for fun! xD


Pretty cool, right? Yep, that’s what i thought. If you don’t want anything complicated, Draw by TxLabz is a must have. So, install the app and start doodling!

Download – The Heart

Android users can download the game HERE.

Draw isn’t available on any other platforms yet!

Happy Drawing, people!