Hay Day by Supercell – Let’s farm!

Ever wanted to be a farmer? But don’t want to do all that hefty work farmers have to do? Like seeding, watering, taking care of the crops and all? You need a farm game!

So today I will be reviewing Hay Day by Supercell for you farm enthusiasts. I played the game and really liked it. Let’s look what Hay Day is all about without any more delay!

Introduction – The Heard of Hay Day:

Hay Day is all about farming. You grow crops, tend to different farm animals, fulfil orders and other farm related things. Good thing about Hay Day is that you don’t really need neighbors to complete tasks. But they take longer to complete without the help of Hay Day neighbors. Graphics are really cute. I loved how the animals and crops looked like along with different tools and machinery required to complete the missions. The sounds are adorable as well!

The Features – Heart Beat:

Hay Day starts like any other game, giving you the loading and connecting screen in the beginning. Also, it will ask for Google Games sign in to keep all your record safe. You can always hit cancel if you don’t want to do that!

Hay Day

The game has a very cool story line as it starts, telling how the uncle retired and gave the farm to its current owner. Hay Day is very interesting from the very beginning and, I am sure, is extremely fun to play as it progresses! (No, I haven’t taken screenshots of the whole storyline, just random clicks!)

gameplay gameplay2

Cute graphics, right? Yes, just like I said. Next thing that comes up will be some information about how you can speed up the progress by using diamonds and how you can purchase them from within the game.


As soon as you hit enter, the game will provide you with a very easy to follow tutorial that will teach you how you can play – grow crops, tend to animals etc.!

Hay Day gameplay game play

As you level up, it unlocks more things for you!

game play

Here are some more random screenshots from Hay Day to show you the cute graphics!

game play game play

Let’s check out what settings that Hay Day provides. You can find the settings button on the top :

Settings News gameplay

The people button in the Bottom right corner shows you your neighbors etc. (If you have connected to Facebook and added people for mobile version of Hay Day).


The shop/market place lies on the bottom Left side of your screen. It offers all the items you can buy in the game to advance further!


Download – The Heart:

Android users can download the game HERE.

iOS users can download the game HERE.

Happy farming, people!