HeliHopper Wants You to Be Master Pilot, Do You Have THE Skills?

Gaming Heart brings you another thriller of the day! Ever wanted to be the pilot? Is it just us or helicopter looks adventurous? Well, HeliHopper has some hopping for you to do – why don’t you hop?

The game developer Oddrok Oy says:

Helihopper is a fun game where you hop from a helipad to another. Master the helicopter controls and become a master pilot!

Guess what – HeliHopper is THE Game of the Day on Apple Store TODAY!

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HeliHopper – What’s to Hop About?

HeliHopper by Gaming Heart

So well, the game has a great PLAY mode which is free and you can play any mission. In the beginning you start with mission 1 which is the basic one and let’s you play with a very simple and easy to understand walkthrough instructions that let you have a quick training how to fly your HeliHopper from one helipad to another.

Once you are done with the walkthrough you still see the hopping projection so you can adjust your angle accordingly and so your HeliHopper lands on the helipad.

On the menu, it shows you fairly explicit menu like Copters, Player and Settings. Let’s have a look at each.

HeliHopper by Gaming Heart

Get your favorite Copter from the list. As you move on and make points in the game, you can buy stuff without any in-apps. Or you can simply watch an ad – whatever does not annoy you! 🙂

HeliHopper by Gaming Heart

Player part of the game lets you take a glance at your accomplishments. Your landings and your missions rankings and much more!

HeliHopper by Gaming Heart

Settings part of the game is pretty much straight forward as you can find in any other game.

HeliHopper by Gaming Heart

You can follow the game’s social media handles as you can see the icons at the bottom of Settings.

Gameplay of HeliHopper

So let’s focus on the gameplay of the game. A bit tricky though but still you should be able to easily manage to hop from one helipad to another.

HeliHopper by Gaming Heart

Even in the air, you can swipe left or right to manage to land on the next helipad. And while doing so, try to catch as many parachutes as you can.

HeliHopper by Gaming Heart

The game has very addictive levels.

HeliHopper by Gaming Heart

Well, there should be no waiting now! Grab the game and start hopping around! Watch out a quick gameplay done by Gaming Heart on YouTube:

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