Helix Jump by Voodoo – Bounce Around Helix Tower, Your Best Time Killer!

What an amazing journey of Helix Jump by Voodoo so far, great addiction, awesome user response and Gaming Heart can not be more excited to bring it to you here.

Helix Tower by Gaming Heart

Helix Jump – The Gameplay

It has a simple UI, play with a tap. No complex controls but yet the game has all the gaming elements required. Ads, leaderboards and guess what – you can get rid of ads as well.

Helix Tower by Gaming Heart

All you care about a helix tower and move your ball around avoiding the colored patches on the tower floors. Paint around, but be careful not to make it messy. Bounce intelligently. The game is pretty much controllable so you don’t have to worry about falling down constantly which is good that you can have a fast food between crossing different levels. LOL! Keep bouncing in your permissible area and you are good. Have safe landings!

Helix Tower by Gaming Heart

If you view the game play screen, it has score for every level you bounce successfully. There are ads at the bottom of your screen which does not look so good but overall has no bad impact on the game play. After all the game has to make money, no?

There are levels that you have to achieve and every level has a certain limit of bouncing the levels. The more you advance, the difficulty level gets higher. And whenever you die, you get a second chance if you care to click the video advertisement.

Overall game is great time killer! Go ahead and play it yourself. Nice and quick.

Download Arena:

You can download the game on iOS and Android.