Hole.io: Eat the World – Wait WHAT?!

You heard it right. EAT THE WORLD!! Hole.io by Voodoo games provides you with the opportunity to do just that. I am sure you have always wanted to eat the world, so this is your chance 😛 .

hole.io - main screen

Ok now, not literally. I am sorry but there is no mouth or anything here. If you pay attention to the game icon, you will see that Hole.io provides you with a huge black hole that swallows the objects in the world. Confused? Don’t be. Let’s get started with this crazy fun game!

Hole.io – The Basics

Hole.io is all about sucking every single object in (FUN FUN FUN!). Whatever is present in the world can be sucked in. Players get a decent sized black hole in the beginning. As the game starts, players start moving the black hole around in the world and it starts swallowing anything that it can (according to its size).

Let your black hole suck in as many objects as possible – even the buildings!

hole.io - gameplay

Don’t worry though, the size increases as you suck in a certain number of objects. Increase in size means that the player can suck in larger objects, ultimately the buildings as well.

Trust me when i say this. It’s so much fun to watch the things fall into the black hole. (HAHAHA!) :P.

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Hole.io – In Depth

So let’s begin a detailed review about Helio.io. This game is very much fun to play and can become addictive. Like i said above, it is fun to watch things fall into the black hole 😛

Hole.io is based in a 3D world and your main objective is to slide under things, anything, and let your black hole suck it in! Yes, black hole is the ultimate DESTRUCTION HOLE!! The more you suck things in the bigger your black hole gets.

Your black hole can suck in the other black holes which are smaller than yours!!!

Screenshots from the Game-play:

As you can see, in the top left corner, there is a timer going on. This will not stop till it’s finished what-so-ever. In the top right corner, you can see the positions of the players.

If my black hole was bigger, i would have been able to suck this building in too, dammit!

This yellow black hole was HUGE! it sucked it many other (smaller) black holes. Watch out for the bigger black holes than yours guys, Your game will be terminated for a few seconds. That time will be deducted from your timer and you will not be awarded extra seconds!

Hole.io - gameplay

One things that i personally don’t like is the Ads. But hey, every free app has ads. So let’s move forward.

The Features:

This game is not much feature packed but still provides with the necessary/needed features.

  • Option to buy No Ads version (just like every other free game :p )
  • Option to restore Purchase (Even though the only purchase you make is the No Ads version, there is no store in the game).
  • LOCAL MULTIPLAYER. That’s right. You can make a local room or join one VIA BLUETOOTH and enjoy the game with friends and family if you don’t want to play with random players.

It’s all about COMPETITION!

Yep, Hole.io is all about competition. There is a scoreboard involved! You are put in a zone with a few other players. Everyone has only one goal: to become the ultimate, the biggest and the meanest black hole in the world!  More score means better position in the Scoreboard.

hole.io - scoreboard

If you don’t want to play against random players, play against your family and friends via Bluetooth (Keep reading to find out how). Can YOU make it to the top?!?

How to play

Gameplay is simple (or is it?). This game is played by touching and dragging the black hole on the screen of your device. You do not have to touch the black hole itself, just drag anywhere on your screen and it will drag your black hole. (Oh, and you can change the name of your player too :p ).

Sounds fairly simple to play? Remember: Simple doesn’t always mean easy to win 😛

Playing with Friends and Family

As stated earlier, Hole.io can be played against your friends and family as well. To do that, you need to create a Room or you can join a room already made by your Friends.


To do this, you need to connect to their devices via Bluetooth. I know, it is a bummer because you will not be able to play against them if they are not close to you (within the bluetooth range of your device). But if you are close-by, What are you waiting for? GET YOUR GAME ON and see who is the best among you 😛

Where to download

iOS users can download this game HERE.

Android users can download this game HERE.

Happy black holing! 😛