Is “Rise Up” a way to Rise for Serkan Ozyilmaz?

What a simple and interesting physics in Rise Up! The game description is to the point:


Protect your balloon with your shield while it’s rising up! Beware of the obstacles. Move your shield with one finger to protect your balloon. Clear your way as you reach higher and higher!


Rise Up & Protect Your Balloon – CAN YOU?

When Gaming Heart team looked into the Serkan Ozyilmaz developer’s account, it has only one game. Literally just ONE game and it’s trending in US store. Luck? Vision? Hard work? You decide. Let us do the rest of the review for the game for you! 😉

Rise up

Rise Up Gameplay

Nice colors, purposeful logo with the bars showing the rise approach. The game let’s you play with one finger only, how cool is that? Yeah? And then you have several challenges in the game too that you can take one by one. Each challenge gets harder on you.

Rise up challenge

And for the general game play option, you get difficult game by each level. Every object that you see during the play has great physics, very logical and very addictive.

Rise up game play

In the very beginning you get a fairly simple tutorial that gives you accurate idea about the full game. Just one screen giving you complete overview of the game, Rise Up. We see this simplicity and addictiveness element in every piece of the game, bravo Serkan Ozyilmaz!

Rise up menu

Rise up tutorial

To play, keep your one finger on the screen, and try to protect your balloon from the obstacles and different kind of objects falling. The challenge is competitive!

Rise up game play

Moneymaking Engine

So hows the game making money? Like everyone else does. Ads.

Rise up ads

Grab Your Game

Just don’t miss it. Go go go! Rush and download the game yourself and post your reviews here in the comments section too whenever you get your finger free. Download on iOS here. The game is also on Google Play.