Pokemon Go – The New Craze!

I have tested this game myself and let me tell you this.. Pokemon Go is a real game changer! It is a great game, a totally DIFFERENT great game. You will have to play to find out. But before playing, here is a complete review of what Pokemon Go is all about.

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Pokemon Go – The New Craze!

In just a week, this new mobile take on Nintendo’s long-running role-playing game series has grown amazingly popular. It has consumed social media conversation, flooded into mainstream news reports and had an impact on the everyday life of many players, in a physical, outside-the-game, where you have to actually go out and catch the Pokemon!

Pokemon Go – The Basics

Pokemon GO is a new Geo-based game that you can play on your smartphones – Android or iPhone. You sign up first and pick a nickname for yourself and you’re given a few items with which to capture and take care of the Pokemon. If you don’t know what a Pokemon is, it is a cartoon creature that lives in this game, taking the place of animals in this universe. (I can’t believe you didn’t know what a Pokemon is!)


What you gotta do is to capture Pokemon and use them to battle other people like yourself using these creatures as warriors. It’s not as bad as it sounds. In the game it’s not at all violent, and the vast majority of the game has more to do with finding Pokemon than it does with battling them against your opponents.

Pokemon Go – The Good

This game makes use of the game engine developed by Niantic, formerly a group that was once inside Google but is now independent, collaborating with Google, GAME FREAK, Creatures Inc., Nintendo, and more. It uses Google Maps to map the world and place both you and game elements on a real world map in your phone.

Pokemon GO is a worldwide game, active everywhere on our planet. You can catch Pokemon anywhere where there’s a human population.

This game uses landmarks of many types of items you can grab when you get close enough. Physically, that is.

This game requires you to actually be within around 100-feet of Pokemon, PokeStops, or Pokemon Gyms to interact with them.

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You’ll find each of these places and monsters placed automatically according to geographical location. Water-type Pokemon can be found near rivers and lakes, for instance, while PokeStops are placed on landmarks.

Pokemon Gyms are placed on public parks, churches, and other gathering places.

It’s great for social networking. You get to connect and socialize with different people on the go. You get to walk a lot when you are out looking for the Pokemon. I think it’s great!

Pokemon Go – The Bad

i haven’t come across anything bad so far. I wish I were able to play it with a device that wasn’t connected to the internet – that might end up being a problem solved by the Pokemon GO Plus when the time comes.

I’d also like to see more variables introduced with Pokemon battles at gyms. At the moment it’s mostly a game of jabbing the opposing Pokemon swiftly, hoping your monster is stronger (or at least swift enough) to win. I suspect more variables like this will be introduced once the game gets underway. For now, it’s a simple affair – as it well should be.

Pokemon Go is good to play if you live in Urban areas. I don’t think you will get much out of the game if you like in Rural areas.

Pokemon Go – Revenue Generated

Pokemon Go was a hit as soon as it hit the market.

App analytics company SensorTower used its predictive model of the App Store and Google Play, which takes hundreds of thousands of data points from its partners to generate an estimate of the download numbers Pokémon Go is seeing: it’s been downloaded a total of around 7.5 million times in the U.S. From Google Play and the iOS App Store, according to their numbers.


In terms of earning power, the game is making around $1.6 million per day, according to SensorTower, and that revenue estimate is limited to iOS only.

To put that into context, Clash Royal (which is among the biggest recent hits in mobile gaming) is currently estimated to be making around $350,000 per day on iOS, according to SensorTower’s data. Obviously, there’s going to be some drop-off when it comes to daily spend as the hype wears out, but Pokémon has a number of benefits that could add to its stickiness, including a beloved IP and ample avenues to expand its content offerings in order to keep users coming back.

(Source: https://techcrunch.com/2016/07/11/pokemon-go-daily-revenue-downloads/)

SO what do you people think? Have you tried playing it? What are your views on it? Do let us know in comments section below!