Puzzle by TxLabz – Let the Fun Begin!

Hi Gamers! Today we will be reviewing Puzzle by TxLabz, specially designed for kids. So let’s go ahead and see what the game is all about!

Introduction – The Heard of Puzzle

Puzzle is a very cute game for kids to learn about Alphabets and pronunciations in a very fun way. Puzzle is specially designed to help kids develop matching, tactile, memory, logical thinking, visual perception and fine motor skills while they learn how to put the pieces together in a fun way!

Game play is very easy. Just tap Play and start placing the tiles in their respective places. Best thing that will help kids learn which piece goes where is the ability of the piece to get “fixed” at it’s correct position. Graphics and sounds are very cute and eye pleasing, you and your kids will enjoy playing the game.

Let’s see what Puzzle is like!

The Features – Heart Beat

On launching the Puzzle app, you will be taken to the following screen:

puzzle - TxLabz

Tapping on play, will take you to the game play screen, where kids (or you) are shown a puzzle with jumbled pieces and you have to put them in their right spot! They have called it “Easy Grab”, so that kids can easily learn about what goes where.

gamingheart - txlabz gamingheart - txlabz

Here are a few completed puzzles (i couldn’t stop, lol!):

txlabz txlabz txlabz

Another awesome thing about this game is that when the puzzle is completed, a womanly voice reads the word and what the picture is. I think this part makes Puzzle very awesome and a must have.

Tapping on settings will take you to the following page:

settings - txlabz

So i think it’s a must have for all the parents if they want to start developing the above said skills in their children at an early age!

Download – The Heart

Android users can download the game HERE.

Puzzle is not yet available at any other platform.

Happy puzzling!