Rayman Adventures – Are You Adventurous Enough?

Who doesn’t like a little adventure? I am sure we all do. So today, I have brought to you an adventurous game which is both adventurous and fun to play! It is neither too difficult nor too easy, which means it is suitable for all ages! My lovely Gamers, I bring you the “Rayman Adventures”!

Introduction – The Heard of Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures splits the action between standard platforming levels, where the idea is to pick up hidden objects as you race through to the 2D stages, battle encounters where taking down all enemies in your path is the goal, and Lum fests, where shorting packs of the bug like creatures, as they hover in the air, is the order of the day. As you might have guessed, the key to success in all these stages is to make use of the appropriate companion at the right time; no point in selecting a snorter if all you gotta do is fight.

This is also where the game’s energy system, which applies to the companions rather than Rayman himself, comes into play. Our furry friends need feeding in order to be used in play, with food earned from successful runs soon running rather dry. Paying for extra nutrition means you can take on levels with the maximum number of assistants allowed, though in the early stages at least, one tends to do the job. It’s a slightly complex way to coax money out of you, but nowhere near as confusing as the menu system, which makes simply starting a new set of levels something of an ordeal. Like many free-to-play releases, there are so many icons flashing at you from start to finish that simply paying in order to stop the pestering feels like a valid option.

P.S. There is a constant loading Server issue at low bandwidth. Yes, you need internet connection to play this game.

The Features – Heart Beat

Here are some screenshots of the “Rayman Adventures” for you to check out what the game is like!

Rayman Adventures





Rayman Adventures





Download – The Heart

Where to download it? Good question!

Android users can download that game HERE.

iOS users can download the game HERE.

Happy gaming!