Roll The Ball – Slide Puzzle – Are You Smart Enough?

Hi guys, I am here with yet another “Puzzle” game called Roll The Ball – Slide Puzzle. Yep, i love Puzzle games and i am sure lots of you out there do too. This game is quite different from the traditional puzzle games that you will find in the market. How is it different? Let’s find out!

Introduction – The Heard of Roll The Ball

Like i said, Roll The Ball is quite different from the traditional puzzle games. What makes it different is that you have to position tiles with paths in them so that the ball can run to its “Finish” tile. Might sound a little confusing but you will see what i am talking about shortly. Also, it might seem easy in the beginning but it gets harder with each level. The harder the better, right? Without any further ado, let’s check the game out through screenshots that i took for you people!

The Features – Heart Beat

Roll the Ball is quite easy to understand and yet, hard to figure at certain levels. While i was trying the game out, i couldn’t stop playing so here is a fair warning for Puzzle game loves; it surely is an addictive game! The music is good, keeps you engrossed in the game and the graphics are very cool as well.

When you launch Roll The Ball, you will come across the loading screen, on which you will see your daily login bonus:

Roll the ball - main


Hitting OK will take you to the main screen of the game. Here you will see the following options:


Let’s hit that PLAY and see what this game is all about: Hmm! You will see the Two types of game options; Basic and Premium. Basic is available to everyone, whereas you have to unlock the Premium packs with the stars you earn in Basic packs.

Roll-the-Ball: Basic



Let’s check out the game play, guys!

Roll-the-ball-slide-puzzle-gameplay Roll-the-ball-slide-puzzle-gameplay




Pretty cool, isn’t it! I couldn’t stop playing. Anyways, Settings and Store have the following options:



Download – The Heart

Android users can download the game HERE.

iOS users can download the game HERE.

Happy puzzling!