Temple Run 2 – Are You Fast Enough?

Who doesn’t know about Temple Run 2? No it’s OK if you don’t because today i have brought to you a world famous game. This post is especially for those who don’t know what Temple Run 2 is all about and want to find out before they get the game!

Introduction – The Heard of Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is all about making fast moves. You have to swipe left and right, up and down to control your character and make sure he doesn’t die. Graphics are awesome and Sound is pretty engaging too. If you stumble, you will have a monster chasing you for a few seconds and if you stumble again, the monster will get you. It’s simple, just keep running and control your character. Good thing is you don’t have to worry about the running, it is automatic. It’s not the running though, you have to swim across as well as control the little carrier through the caves. Exciting? You bet! Temple Run 2 provides with many great features and upgrade options and many exciting power ups to enhance your game play experience.

The Features – Heart Beat

Like i said, Temple Run 2 is a feature rich game. So let’s see what the game has to offer in the form of screenshots!

When you load the game, you will come across the following screen:


Fancy, right?! Well, before we hit the big ol’ PLAY, let’s check out the “Store” and “Menu”respectively.

When you tap on Store, You will be taken to the screen where you can actually buy things for real as well as in game currency. Check it out!

Store - 1-temple-run-2



Some of my abilities are fully upgraded (hell yeah!) but you will need to earn in game coins and upgrade gradually. Sucks, i know. But that’s how it works!

Let’s move on to the Menu, tap on Menu and you will see a few Sub Menus that will take you to further options.


They are pretty self explanatory so i will just show you the screenshots in the exact order as given above.







Quite cool, right? Let us Tap that big PLAY and check out the game! For those who don’t know how to play it, don’t worry! They have a small tutorial in the beginning!



Temple Run 2


There, the game play is awesome! Do play and find out for yourself!

Download – The Heart

Android users can download the game HERE.

iOS users can download the game HERE.

Windows Phone users can download the game HERE.

Happy Running!