Trivia Crack by Etermax – Let’s play!

Hi people, we got another exciting game to review today, Trivia Crack by Etermax. As the name suggests, it is a trivia game. Questions and answers where you have to pick the correct answer. Now the name seems pretty exciting to me. Let us dig deep and see what the game is like!

Introduction – The Heard of Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is a unique trivia game that lets you engage yourself with very exciting question answer round. You have to choose the correct answer. Then it’s your opponent’s turn and the cycle continues. You have to login using your Facebook or an Email address. The benefit of signing in with your Facebook account is that you can then play against your friends, making Trivia Crack more enjoyable. This game lets you socialize with your friends as well. You can message them or you can challenge them to play with you. That’s up to you. So let’s see what Trivia Loot is like!

The Features – Heart Beat

As the game starts, after the Etermax logo, you will be asked to sign in. You can sign in using either Facebook or your email ID. The benefit of signing in with your Facebook account is that you can challenge your friends to play against you!


I chose Facebook to sign in. Next screen you will see is to confirm your country to give your personalized content.


After you confirm, you will see your main screen of the game. You can control everything from there; play games, view your messages, see your Facebook friends that you can challenge, see the weekly competition results etc.! We will go through them in a bit.

Main=screen-Trivia crack

When you hit the New Game, you will be taken to the screen where you will have to specify how you would like to play.

New Game- Trivia Crack

I chose to play against Random. So the question and answering session starts. But it’s not like any usual trivia game. You have to tap the button to spin the wheel that chooses a category for you. If you are not happy with the category you can always re-spin.


Category Question Wrong answer - trivia crack

You have to rate every question after you have answered it and also you have to wait for the opponent to answer. As soon as your rival answers, you will be prompted for next question and the cycle continues.

Rate Gem-win

Let us explore the other options on the main screen. You will find them on the top bar of the screen. Next to home tab, you will see a chat tab. Tapping on it will take you to your inbox.

Inbox - trivia crack

Next, you will see a people tab where you can see all your friends that play Trivia Crack and can be challenged or messaged!



Next tab is of weekly competition.


Next, let’s see what settings are offered to the players.


You can also check your performance and achievements.


Trivia Crack is so much fun and is very different from other Trivia games out there.

Download – The Heart

Android users can get Trivia Crack HERE.

iOS users can get the game HERE.

Windows phone users can get the game HERE.