Trivia Loot By Game Loot Network

Trivia Loot is another game, released by Game Loot Network that you can play and enjoy. The game, as the name suggests, is a trivial game that gives you multiple choice questions and you have to choose the right answer.

Introduction – The Heard of Trivia Loot

You can play against a random opponent from around the world or you can challenge a friend. Best thing that I like about Trivia Loot is the ability to choose your favorite category! That’s right, you can choose a category you are already good at and start playing right away! Another good thing about Trivia Loot is that you can earn real cash by playing it!

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What’s more? The game offers leaderboards and tournaments to make it more challenging and fun filled! You need to buy tokens if you want to participate in the tournaments or want to earn real cash! You can buy them from within Trivia Loot as well. Interface is nice and the game’s working is quite easy to understand. Or you can always play for free and improve your rankings in the leaderboard! Without wasting any more time, let’s see how the game works!

The Features – Heart Beat:

Tapping the game icon on your screen will launch the game and take you to the screen where Trivia Loot will require you to login using your favorite method:

Trivia Loot - Game Loot Network

If you wish to register separately, you can tap on “Register” and then use your information to login by clicking “Login with Email”:

Trivia Loot - Game Loot Network Trivia Loot - Game Loot Network

After successfully logging in, you will see the main screen of the game:

Trivia Loot - Game Loot Network

Tapping on Play Now will take you to a screen where you can choose a category of your choice to start playing. This is very cool because it gives you an advantage of already knowing much about the subject! I find this pretty cool!

Trivia Loot - Game Loot Network

After choosing your favorite category, it will take you to next screen where you will be asked who you want to play against, Friends or Random people. After making your selection, you will have to choose what kind of game you want; free (to gain your experience points and improve your ranking) or with Tokens. If you play for Tokens, you will play against players having Tokens as well. This is a more serious type or competition because you get a chance to earn real cash against the Tokens!

Trivia Loot - Game Loot Network Trivia Loot - Game Loot Network

The match will start and you will start getting random questions about the topic. Keep giving the correct answers to gain experience points. Also, if you don’t know the answer and choose the wrong one, Trivia Loot highlights the correct answer so that you know the correct answer to the question. You learn something new as well! Pretty cool, if you ask me!

Trivia Loot - Game Loot Network

After the round is over, results will be declared! I have to say, I am pretty impressed by the graphics and sounds of the game!

Trivia Loot - Game Loot Network

Play Again or Return Home; it’s up to you! Let us try the other options given on the home screen!


Trivia Loot - Game Loot Network

You can buy tokens from here. Remember: Tokens are used to Game Loot Rewards website so convert them in real cash and use as biddings!

FREE TOKENS: Free tokens is basically the sharing of Trivia Loot on your social platforms! So spread the word so that you can compete in Trivia Loot against your friends!

Trivia Loot - Game Loot Network

FRIENDS: Friends let you see your friends, message them and even challenge to a game!

Trivia Loot - Game Loot Network

LEADERBOARDS: Leaderboards let you check your progress. Also, it shows you the rank of other players from around the globe!

Trivia Loot - Game Loot Network

TOURNAMENTS: Tournaments is the most awaited feature of this game which is heard to be Token based and will be based on elimination method! Let’s wait and see what they bring us. Stay tuned people!

Trivia Loot - Game Loot Network

Download – The Heart

How can you download it? Good question!

If you are an Android user, you can get the game HERE.

iOS users can get the game HERE.

So, start winning people! Have fun!

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