Two Dots – Match The Dots Away!

Do you like games like Candy Crush, Bejeweled etc.? If so, you will LOVE Two Dots by Play Dots Inc. This game is quite awesome and unique in a way. If you love the matching board and puzzle games, you will definitely have fun playing this one.

Introduction – The Heard of Two Dots

Like i said, Two Dots is an awesome game. I think so anyway. I got hooked the moment i started playing it on my android and only stopped because i was getting late for the review (lol).

Graphics are minimalist, very clean and pleasing to the eye. Sounds are good too. If you are not sure how to play, don’t panic. They provide a nice tutorial in the beginning! The goal is pretty simple. You are given a goal of joining a certain number of dots of different colors in a fixed number of moves. If you succeed in finishing within the set limit, you get a bonus! You can match vertically, horizontally but NOT diagonally. And the fun part.. You can join a long chain on same color dots as long as you are not going diagonally!

Without wasting anymore time, let’s jump to the Features and Game Play!

The Features – Heart Beat

Launching Two dots will take you to very eye pleasing main screen:


I knew the game would be awesome. Let’s hit PLAY and check out the game play!


The game offers 485 amazingly challenging and exciting levels. Don’t think the game play is easy. It’s on a first few levels. After that you will be pulling your hair out! I tapped on level 1 and found the game play to be awesome. Showing is better than telling. So here goes:

You see the 3 different color dots with numbers under them, it means you have to match 15 dots of each color given!

Two Dots

You will be taken to the tutorial to make you acquainted with the game play of the game.

Two Dots two dots-tutorial Two Dots Two Dots Screenshot_2015-11-21-14-30-23 Tutorial-End

And the game begins…



Screenshot_2015-11-21-14-31-18 Screenshot_2015-11-21-14-31-26 Screenshot_2015-11-21-14-31-38 Screenshot_2015-11-21-14-31-45 Screenshot_2015-11-21-14-31-58 Screenshot_2015-11-21-14-32-07 Screenshot_2015-11-21-14-32-12

In the end, let’s check out the Settings. Nothing unusual here.


Download – The Heart

Android users can get the game HERE.

iOS users can download the game HERE.

Happy Matching!