All You Need to know about making money in esports games in 2020

Now in 2020, esports have a considerable place and are a source of money prizes at a big level too. So for the ones betting and for the gamers, knowing exactly which games are making the most money on the given days is vital. Also, if you do the betting thing on your favourite games which is very common these days you must ensure that you are getting the right amount from each bet you make. Because if you are doing well on the bets but in return you are getting a very little payout, then there is no point in wasting your time and brains there.

That being said, we’ve made a list of the highest-paid and those esports games which have the highest prizes too. All these games have a big and reputable name in the gaming industry. Along with this, they are known for garnering tons and millions of viewers and bettors throughout their seasons.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the top-paying esports games in 2020:

Dota 2


Prize money in 2020: $6,000,000

Total Tournaments: 54

Average prize money: $111,111

Prize money of all-time: $224,300,000

Dota 2 has remained the highest-paid game in esports and is equally loved as before. This game continues to lead the way to all the other ones when it comes to the prize money in 2020 which is around $6,000,000.

Like every year, Dota 2 fans and players contribute to the prize pool. This prize pool money started at just $1.6 million. And wondering how they did it? So they do it by purchasing the in-game items such as different cosmetics, the battle pass and the upgrades needed for it. So like this, the 25% of all in-game sales and other purchases go into the prize pool.

Sources reveal that last year, the game offloaded $52million in the prize money with The International 2019 contributing to $34.3million of that.



Prize money in 2020: $4,900,000

Total Tournaments: 96

Average prize money: $51,042

Prize money of all-time: $96,200,000

CS GO is one of the highest paid and active games throughout its history. The game holds a big viewership and millions of players since its beginning. Now the game is just hitting the record making and the viewers are amused. The Prize money CS GO made in 2020 is around $4,900,000 adding significant numbers to the all time prize money. 

Large prizes like this serve as an excellent tool for marketing of both. That is the game itself and the esports community all along. CS:GO with its outstanding performance attracts world-class talent in each tournament, also convincing the big crowds to watch these worthwhile games and bet on them.

Recently, a big news caught my eye on how the five CS:GO players earned a huge $8.1 million as prize money and their earnings too. This evidently shows that the amount of money that esports is generating these days is equally fascinating as other businesses.

League of Legends


Prize money in 2020: $2,900,000

Total Tournaments: 26

Average prize money: $111,538

Prize money of all-time: $75,600,000

League of Legends is another super hit in the gaming industry and you will really be surprised to witness what it is getting the players these days. League of Legends is a real-time strategy game which is developed by the Riot Games. Recently, it is the fourth in the line of highest-paying games in history of games. The all time prize money of this hit has crossed the $75 million mark.

A news came up revealing that the publisher announced previously that they have to cancel the 2020’s Mid-Season Invitational (MSI). This was some big news for the players as well as the viewers because this event was the game’s second largest international and annual event.

Apart from the prize money, esports are offering comparatively huge salaries and is a good way for passionate gamers. According to Forbes, the average salary of League of Legends’ players in its annual tournament, ‘LCS’ is apparently more than the average Major League Soccer (MLS) player. This proves right about how a lot has been already said about the inflation in salaries in esports mainly. And here we are not just talking about League of Legends.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)


Prize money in 2020: $1,500,000

Total Tournaments: 21

Average prize money: $71,429

Prize money of all-time: $22,000,000

PUBG is another esport which has collected a lot of money and gave out major prize money too. Set apart all the earnings of the players. Moreover, PUBG has had to cancel their big tournament too previously. It was supposed to happen in April and unfortunately cancelled. 

As you have seen, plenty of cash and prize money flowing into the picture. You must be wondering how they make such a whopping amount apart from salaries. So here are some things that will tell you how the eSports teams and players earn this plenty of money. 

  • Cash prizes are a big source of these earnings and make up a considerable part. Like the international Dota 2 earns around $10 million to the winning team.
  • Team salaries in eSports are offering regular salaries to team participants too. And the average salaries are in the range of $3,000-to-$5,000 along with bonuses. 
  • Sponsorship money also comes to the team ownership mainly. As the major international brands are also in the picture the esports are also taking advantage of the sponsorship cash. This money also goes into the competition and some cash prizes. 
  • Media rights is also getting a big part of money to esports.  According to the gaming industry statistics, media rights cover one-fifth of the revenue generated by eSports companies and players.
  • Merchandising and tickets are the top tier leaders in the eSports payouts as we saw with $103 million in just revenues in 2019, was earned. 

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