All You Need to Know about PUBG, China and India War

PUBG is the most online played game of 2020. With the pandemic lingering over our lives and making us bound at home, the trend of eSports increased and a lot of people turned to gaming and such stuff to pass their time in a good way. Like this, PUBG made records and was trending number one internationally. The PUBG addiction has crossed limits and the people all over the world are just addicted to the game. Even in South Asia, this game earned quite a popularity and won people’s hearts. 

The Root Cause Of The Increased Distances Between The Two Superpowers:

What happened in India during the previous days when some Chinese armed men crossed the Line Of Actual Control in Ladakh and in return India attacked some camps according to the Indian reports, has affected the PUBG army and the fans on a very huge level. As India has banned a lot of apps due to the national security and such causes. 

Although the Chinese Foreign Ministry has denied that its troops crossed the disputed Line of Actual Control between the two countries but accused the Indian Army of forcefully occupying their territory.

Consequences Of This Incident:

This incident has brought a huge impact on India’s technology department as a lot of products and tech services are from China. Hundreds of apps were banned, the trade discontinued and the people took out protest and some real hating stuff.

Most of all, the fear of thousands of PUBG addicts and regular players have come true as this harsh reality came crashing down at them about the game being banned. The Ministry of Information and Technology in India imposed a ban on PUBG and people couldn’t really take it. Moreover, 118 other Chinese mobile applications were also banned due to the incident.

As we saw the popularity and love PUBG received these days it clearly has become one of the most popular mobile games in India. Also, the authorities claimed that there have been more than 175 million downloads. The reaction came accordingly and the PUBG lovers were shocked and dismayed at the ban.

Another side of the story:

On the contrary, India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology claimed to have received numerous complaints regarding the banned apps to be stealing and surreptitiously transmitting the users data in illegal ways to some servers who allegedly have locations outside India. Moreover, the twist comes when the announcement doesn’t mention the neighbouring country, China specifically.

The ministers gave an excuse to the heartbroken users and gamers of the banned app that this action is taken to safeguard the interests of millions of Indian internet users.”

However the Indian news reports are suggesting the other reason for the bans. They say that the ban of the Chinese apps is more related to the escalating tensions between the two superpowers over an ongoing border dispute.

The aftermath of banning PUBG from India:

PUBG mobile is another version of PUBG and is an intellectual property developed by the South Korean gaming company, “PUBG Corporation”. According to a mobile insight firm in India,it is revealed that prior to the ban, the most famous game till date, “PUBG” had around 40 million monthly active and regular users. Furthermore, the game was the top app seeing by revenue perspective and ahead of Netflix and Tinder in India. This proves how a great revenue from a country has been taken away and it’s a loss for them.

The South Korean based gaming giant “PUBG Corporation” announced after the banning in India that the company has finally decided to discontinue the authorization of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ mobile franchise to the Tencent Games in the country. The company was also disheartened due to the false claims of Indian ministry about the banned apps and games that they are threatening the national security.

Furthermore, it was a setback for PUBG too, as India is one of the company’s largest markets with over 175 million downloads in the country. According to Sensor Tower, the actual count of the game is accounting for approximately a quarter of total international downloads. 

Effects on India’s gaming industry:

Not only this, this ban on the PUBG app is also setting back India’s small, growing and somehow fledgling game streaming. Also, the professional gaming community is very much affected due to this. The esports concept and industry will die gradually if the country doesn’t compromise with others.

In the aftermath of the incident and India in returning announcing the ban, Tencent had a big loss in the company and the stock lost nearly $34 billion of its estimated value in just two days. Not only has this action left the professional gamers and the game streamers in the lurch, but also the source of livelihood of a few gamers and streamers suddenly disappeared. Moreover it’s also hurting Tencent’s share price on a huge level.

However, after all the drama it was seen that the game is still available on mobile phones who had it already installed before the ban.  But obviously we are not sure for how long it’s going to last. Also, the silver lining is, those who have the means like a gaming computer, they can still avail playing PUBG on  computers, even though they will have to learn from the beginning and a whole new set of controls.

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