Apple VS Fortnite – Who Won the Battle

In August, both the companies had an argument and resultantly Fortnite was banned from the Apple play store, which is the only way for iOS users to download it in their phones. 

If you are a gamer or if you are quite into the tech world then you must be aware of the drama going on between the world-famous two gigantic companies that hold quite a good name in the tech world. Apple is by far one of the world’s top corporations, and it generates billions of dollars annually through its services and products. On the contrary, Fortnite is no lesser and is a world-famous game with millions of players. 

What caused so much mess between the two?

Fortnite is one of the world-famous games and has quite a lot of public gathered and loving the game. The game basically revolves around seasons. So each season launches after a bit of time that is approximately 10 weeks. Each season offers a new map, slightly different gameplay, and the available cosmetics change too. This means every season is a big deal for the players. 

The game then offers all sorts of new goodies that players have to pursue and a long list of new challenges, items, and cosmetics.

Naturally, in any game apart from this new stuff clearly means that users must update the game to get to the next level. And that’s where Epic got a point and they directed that new update on their own website in lesser rates so the masses will automatically be attracted. This means all the profit no matter whatever the sales will be in their own pockets. 

Furthermore, this was an unapproved payment mechanism according to Apple’s guidelines. Apple on the other hand takes a standard 30 percent cut of sales money from its compulsory payment system. 

Who is responsible: Apple or Epic?

The removal of Fortnite from the apple store mainly came due to an update of the famous game which offered players to buy in-game currency at a lesser rate if that update was bought directly from the Epic Games’ website. And on the other hand, the Apple store was offering the update for greater rates. Also, it’s totally against the guidelines of Apple to sell the app or updates other than the apple store platform. 

If we take a broader look over the situation, Fortnite now is not available on Google Play or the App Store, which clearly means neither iPhone users nor a significant portion of Android users could in any way download the next update of the game and play the newer versions and challenges. If this happens, the regular players will be furious and we could see how the players took to twitter and such other social media platforms regarding this issue.

Something’s fishy

But wait, something caught my eye and just didn’t feel right. You might be thinking this too. It’s about how fast things were happening because Epic does the changes within mintes and the ban was there. Immediately after the ban, a lawsuit was there.

How things turned out clearly indicates that Epic knew that the ban would come after the announcement as the company had filed a legal complaint against Apple minutes after the removal from the App store.

Moreover, Apple’s stance on the action of Epic and the things themselves also got Google to remove the famous Fortnite app from the Google Play Store. And this meant that the Android users couldn’t avail the game updates via Google play store too. Though the game remains available on a good portion of Android phones through other sources. For example the Epic Games’ own launcher or other sites.

Moreover, Apple said for Epic that they have taken an “unfortunate step by violating the App Store guidelines.”

The lawsuit against Apple and Google:

Until this moment, Epic followed the in-app payment mechanism as guided by Google and Apple. But this system was actually giving Google and Apple a huge share of all the funds generated. The funds were a great amount as they all were from the player purchases in the game.

So because of this, Epic sued the companies in the US court. And the lawsuit wasn`t there to seek any money or funds from these big names. But rather some injunctions that would be a way to end many of the companies’ app store mechanics. 

Not only this, but Epic is taking this battle seriously and using its players as weapons. This was visible when the company attacked Apple on social media too. A campaign with the hashtag #FreeFortnite is also there. and twitter had it trending too. On the contrary, some players are furious too as they think Epic doesn’t care about them and is being selfish at the moment. Moreover, the company has urged players to seek refunds of the payments for the game from Apple or Google if they have lost access to the game.

The “198Fortnite”

Not only this, Epic made an advertisement in which they created a parody of Apple’s famous “1984” commercial. And this commercial is related to George Orwell’s book ‘1984’. The idea is taken from there and the commercial says it all when it criticized the powerful companies these days. Also about how they are participating in a totalitarian uniformity way same as that of George Orwell’s novel. 

The commercial is “198Fortnite”, and is exactly in the style of the famous Fortnite game. The featured evil is an Apple-headed villain on the screen. And like this the battle has continued and took to so many outlets. 

The battle has still not ended and both the parties are rigid on their decisions. Moreover, Apple is not allowing Fortnite until it complies the App store guidelines. 

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