Came across Apple’s revised App Store guidelines? If no, here are all the essentials!

After the Epic dispute between the two companies, which were so nonsense but can be harmful to Apple in the long run, Apple immediately took a step to prevent any further negligence of apps and mainly game streaming apps. In previous days after the Epic and Apple battle, Apple introduced a few new guidelines to safeguard its policies and prevent further disputes.

The mystery behind the sudden change in policies:

The company finally made the changes in the policies and put forward a lenient strategy. All this took place after the criticism from many developers about the App Store practices. Also, after these rival companies and some competitors such as Microsoft and Alphabet’s, Google clearly announced that they wouldn’t launch any streaming game platforms at all on the iPhone because of the Apple App store rules.

The permission of streaming apps: 

Apple then decided to release an update of the App Store Guidelines to welcome those popular streaming games platforms. 

Another goal was to clarify the approaching new technologies, like those game streaming services, some App Clips, and a few widgets. The most crucial part of this new update was the in-app purchases guidelines for games as the previous incident took the company in complete shock and utter disappointment. Now the policies provide better detailing on its stance over the in-app purchases. It tells about how and when it will collect the amounts and commissions from specific categories of apps.

Now when we look at the changes this way, it appears that the modifications arrived right at the time when Apple is in trouble and is battling in court with “Epic” over its sudden requirements regarding the appliance and proper usage of in-app purchases.

Apple clarified the in-app purchases well:

Practically, this change means that these game streaming apps’ customers will need to individually subscribe to the service through the in-app purchases given within the service’s catalog app. This action was made so that the subscribers could easily avail and play the associated gaming titles linked under that subscription.

However, the leniency we saw in this particular game streaming services that if the user had already subscribed to the required assistance on any other platform than the Apple App store, they would allow the customer to log in without paying again for the service.

The Virtual Classes Payment: 

Another change was made after the criticism by a renowned platform ‘ClassPass’ due to the additional app store payments. The changes in this type of platform included that if there is a one-on-one virtual class so that amount could be paid outside Apple’s payment system. While the lessons taught to a group of people still need to go through Apple’s design and deliver its fees via the Apple play store.

Business Apps: 

Another change was in the category of business applications like the professional database kind of apps. These apps were allowed to skip over Apple’s payment system when selling to some organizations. But the payment didn’t completely vanish. When sold to individuals or families, these apps should go through Apple’s payment system. All these changes are made after some criticism and marked problems that required attention. 

Music and Video Apps: 

The updates for some music and video subscriptions are also there for the iOS users. The offers are bundled into carriers’ data plans and are now offered in cellular carrier apps. The guidelines have also introduced the new, but previously announced amendment in the policy that says that Apple will not delay any bug fixes. And that applies to an app even when that app has been rejected because of any violations.

Many of these guidelines and amendments were long-awaited and required actions. Developers will be receiving a few more clarifications on these changes about what not to do now especially, like hiding any features or not being transparent and straightforward about their app’s functionality.

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